Kuteka is the creator and driving force of Tiki Glam. She currently resides in Houston, Texas where she is an Independent Fashion Designer and Multi-Media Artist. 

Tiki Glam was created with the idea to make girls feel fun; the original catch phrase was “For the Fun and Spunky Chic’s!” You see Tiki Glam believes that clothing determines your mood! How can you be sad when your clothing is bursting with beautiful prints or colors? Your clothing truly sets the tone not only for you, but also for those around you. Great, unique clothing gives you a boost of confidence and a sense of fashionable individuality. We still stand by that same catchy phrase only now we are making you feel all sorts of fabulous. Tiki Glam has an array of distinctive designs for the fun and for the glamorous. In addition to clothing, we now offer fun concept items and glamorous items for your home!