Tiki Glam

"Subdue them with your style and be your own muse." -Kuteka


“Women want something different, they want to be unique and stand out. My job is to make them feel absolutely fabulous, in all types of clothing and I make that happen.”

— Kuteka


It is always about the glamour! Tiki Glam's main objective is to emphasize glamour into your everyday life. Tiki Glam give's you the option to be unique and to be your ultimate self. From tailored suits, party dresses, ready to wear and even wedding dresses, Tiki Glam offers an array of glamorous garments.

All garments and accessories from Tiki Glam are designed by Kuteka Hill. Your garments go through a full design process before it is even created. Each client, whether it be in person or online has the option to choose what fits to their taste and of course with an added flair. Kuteka customizes a pattern and a sample for each of her clients and then begins the process of creating your beautiful design.

As Tiki Glam's inventory continues to grow you will also have the option to purchase online. There will only be a limited quantity of each garment and accessories, because Kuteka truly believes in individuality and has built Tiki Glam on making her clients feel special.

Kuteka recently moved Tiki Glam's Atelier (Studio) to Mid-town in Houston, Texas and is now available for new clientele. Please fill out the Contact Form if you would like to schedule a consultation or if you have any general questions. Kuteka would love to read your feedback or any comments that you may have. It is Kuteka's absolute pleasure to serve you as a client.