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Designer Kuteka

Kuteka aka Tika, K, T, Kiki, but in the fashion world know as Tiki, was born in Houston, Texas in the home of a fashion designer. She came from a generation of fashion designers; her Grandfather was a pattern maker and tailor in the 1900’s. This was truly an advantage for her. She learned the basics of the fashion industry right at home.What did not seem to interest her then have now become her dream and her destiny.

The drive and determination began with a sewing contest in which she won first place. Fun for the moment turned into her life’s destiny. Just as any new designer, she had to find her style and what statement she wanted her garments to send, that was the birth of Tiki Glam.She began coordinating some of the most daring colors and prints.Designing girly dresses and skirts with a fun flair for the fun and spunky chic’s. She wanted young girls to be free, enjoy life, and feel confident and youthful.

After gaining more experience, she began to design gowns for the elite and sophisticated woman. Her gowns consist of ruffles, trains, high collars, and unusual designed geometrics that cause her couture gowns and garments to flourish. This is now her main staple and focus.

Kuteka took three years aside to attend Houston Community College to gain additional skills and knowledge. At her time in College, she became a member of the National Honor Society and won several awards and scholarships.

Tiki Glam has been published in Future Claw Magazine New York, Karen Magazine New Zealand, Kurve Magazine Australia, Zink New York and Elements New York and countless others. Kuteka has worked with some of the best in the fashion industry including a few American Next Top Models. Tiki Glam has been in several boutiques in Houston, Texas and currently expanding to other cities.

Kuteka has a worldwide vision for Tiki Glam. She truly believes that there is room in the fashion industry for Tiki Glam. Her faith and determination will stay persistent until women are wearing Tiki Glam all over the world.

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